ASIC/FPGA Consulting Services

DSPIA Inc. is a provider of DSP Algorithm Development,  FPGA & ASIC Design & Verification consulting services with Verilog & VHDL in areas of DSP, Communications, Networking and Micro-Controller/Microprocessor applications.

We utilize Verilog RTL, Spice, Matlab, Mathcad, AMPL  languages for our DSP Algorithm Development in areas of Adaptive Filtering, Clock Recovery, Equalization, High Speed Arithmetic, Interpolation and Data-Path Design. 

We have wide experience in High Speed FIR, IIR Filters, Multiplier design, CORDIC blocks and utilize FPGA Floor Planning Techniques for High Performance DSP systems.

We have developed micro-controllers and RISC type microprocessor designs and implemented them in FPGA and Standard Cell ASIC environments.

DSPIA Inc. also designs PCB schematic entry and layout for our FPGA designs.



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