I compiled the pre-release version of GTKWave 3.3.20 for Win32, Windows and put it here gtkwave.exe.gz (now compressed with gzip)

Thanks to Tony GTKWave now supports reload and also FST format.

The archive all_libs.tar.gz has all the DLLs which are needed. To install just unzip-untar it to a directory (say c:\gtkw).

You also have to add c:\gtkw and c:\gtkw\bin to your path.

I've been told that Internet Explorer (IE) unzips the file but doesn't change the extension to .exe from .exe.gz.

You may have to do this yourself.

Starting 3.2.1 GTKWave can be run without a file as an input and a file can be opened later using the "new tab" menu.

GTKWave home page is here

You can get MingW from here

And finally the GTK for Windows port is here. I used the 2.12.6 version.

Currently I am not hosting the any sources here and assuming that interested

parties can obtain them from the links I provide above.

I use GTKWave and sometimes provide patches for it. I hope this is useful for others too.

Drop me a note at kal AT dspia period com if you have any questions/comments.

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